Mullan Tree Interpretive Area

The Hike

  • Length: .4 mile loop
  • Elevation gain: 50 ft
  • Interpretive signs, Mullan statue
  • Pit toilet, picnic table
  • RV turn-around and parking
  • Owner: National Forest Service

This well-preserved trace of the Mullan Road features the original site of the Mullan Tree which was marked by the Mullan party when they camped here July 4, 1861.

The walk is in shaded forest and provides several interpretive signs. One sign points out the bed of old Highway 10. At this spot, one can compare Mullan's road cuts and fills with the techniques used to build the more modern road.

To access the trailhead, from I-90, take the exit before the Fourth of July Pass summit, exit 28. Eastbound drivers will need to cross to the northeast side of the freeway. Head northeast on Alder Creek Road to the large parking lot that is visible from the off ramp. The parking lot is a popular stopping place and parking area for off road vehicle recreation. The old Yellowstone Trail leaves at the far end.

From the upper parking lot, take the paved road that leaves the parking lot. It drops quickly down to a lower parking lot where you will find pit toilets, a Mullan statue, and other Mullan suprises. There is a picnic table here. In winter, the gate is usually closed so you will have to hike an extra .5 miles. Stay on the road as the hill is very steep.

Link to a elevation profile graph

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